Shoot 2

For my second Bristol shoot, I decided to focus on shooting through shop windows and attempting to capture people with the shop contents unfocused behind them. At the start of my shoot it was hard to focus on the people’s reflections, rather than the shops contents, this, however, became a lot easier as the day progressed, I also found finding good reflective places quite difficult as a lot of the windows had lights or some sort of signage on them.  However, after a while, I found a bench where there were clear windows surrounding me, which gave me a good vantage point to take pictures, as people did not really focus on me and rather went about their days.

Although most of my images are shot from far away, I still feel I focused and captured certain people in the reflections as I pre-focused my lens to where I was standing or sitting as I was using my 50mm lens (which I have never used for street photography before) which I began getting used to and finding the perks in using a set lens.



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